Speed Dating Vs Online Dating

Speed Dating Vs Online Dating

Being single is fun and does have its advantages but for those who are looking to settle down with someone, finding the right partner is not an easy task. Sure there are online dating websites and dating apps but in my experience I hear more horror stories from online dating that amazing stories. A lot of people have tried online dating, whether it’s through one of the popular online dating sites or dating apps like tinder or Hapn, there are not a lot of people who have tried speed dating before.

Online dating does have its place in the world but it is not without its flaws and limitations. From being time consuming to the extremely daunting task of summing your entire personality on one page that is commonly known as your profile. Online dating like anything else in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. A couple of advantages of online dating for example is being able to contact people while you’re sitting on the train or on the toilet, another is that you can make yourself sound like the most interesting person in the world and even bend the truth by photo shopping your picture. You have time to doctor your messages and make sure they are perfect before you send them to someone.

Whilst these are advantages, they also contribute to one of the biggest flaws of online dating and that is Authenticity. I have tried online dating myself and have spoken to a lot of men and women who have tried it also and I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that they met someone who looked nothing like their pictures or that were incredibly boring face to face.

These flaws are eliminated when it comes to going to a speed dating event. When you are on a mini-date with someone, you instantly get a feel for that person. You can see how they look, talk, act, react and more within a matter of minutes. Through that time period you will get a better and more accurate impression of who that person is as opposed to spending weeks talking to someone online.

When you go on a date with someone who you matched with at a speed dating event, you will already know what to expect because you have already met that person, you will also be much more comfortable as you have already built some level of rapport beforehand but most importantly, you will know that person is interested in you because they have already matched with you.

Speed dating is not only fun, exciting and effective but it also brings back the human element of interacting with other people in a world where we are communicate less and less with one another and that is why speed dating is awesome.

If you have never tried speed dating and would like to know how it works and what its like, come to one of our events. Your first event is free with us so check out our upcoming events.

5 Best Speed Dating Tips – Increase your matches

5 Best Speed Dating Tips – Increase your matches

5 Best Speed Dating Tips – Increase your matches


To say the dating game is filled with potential for slipups is an understatement. It seems as though you can do or say the wrong thing at any given moment on a date. To make things worse, the guy or girl you’re interested in will probably be way to polite to ever say a word about what you’re doing wrong; giving you a chance to dig yourself a deeper hole. What you really need are some speed dating tips that will keep you on the right track.


Speed Dating Tip #1 – Do not talk about your ex! Sounds easy, right? It’s one of the main rules of dating and everybody knows it. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t do it but in reality, exes come up all too often in when you are on a one on one date.

The problem with talking about your ex is that if you say something bad about your ex, then your date will see you as negative, and he or she will wonder what you’re going to say about them if things don’t work out or perhaps even wonder if you’re not telling the full story. On the other hand, if you say something good about your ex, then your date will wonder if you still have feelings for your ex. Regardless, you aren’t going to look good by bringing up your ex, so don’t do it. Keep your attention on the person you’re with and you will do fine.


Speed Dating Tip #2 – Don’t be phony. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can be yourself when you are on a speed date. However this seems to be a difficult thing for people to do, but in hindsight no one like phoniness and you can generally tell when someone isn’t being genuine. When you pretend to be somebody you’re not, it will make you uncomfortable, and this can show through in other ways. Also, what happens if things go well? You can’t live a lie forever. Let the guy or girl like you for who you are. It will be much more rewarding.


Speed Dating Tip #3 – Slow down! It is not uncommon for people to rush through the conversation and just talk and talk and talk. Relax and listen and let the natural flow of the conversation happen. In most cases you should try to find out about each other, if you are just talking about yourself it will make the other date feel like you are disinterested.


Speed Dating Tip #4 – Don’t reject compliments. This is one of those tricky Speed dating tip for singles. This is what happens…your date says something nice about you and you then you start to reject the compliment. Your date mentions how nice you look, and you point out the microscopic stain that your dry cleaner missed, or you mention that’s because they don’t know you well enough. Not a good move. Instead, be polite and offer a simple thank you with a smile.


Speed Dating Tip #5 – Speak your mind. Maybe a bit of clarification is in order on this one. What it means is that it’s okay to share your opinion. If you try to filter out your views just because you feel that your date won’t like you because of them, then you both are clearly not a match.


There are some lists of Speed dating tips that suggest you should just agree with whatever position your date has. Forget it! Nobody agrees on everything, and a lot of people want somebody they can have real conversations with. Don’t get into an argument, don’t be rude, but do feel free to share your opinion on things.